Company Profile

Marazzi (JiangSu) Elevator Guide Rail Co., Ltd was established by Changzhou Dongfang High Precision New Materials Co., Ltd and Marazzi Srl.
The company covers an area of 265,000m2 with construction area 182,925m2 and production area 179,925 m2. With 5 full automatic elevator guide rail production lines, including more than 280 equipments such as Super Planer, Automatic?Machining?Line, Automatic Straightening and Twisting Machine, Vibratory Stress Relief(VSR)System, Laser Marking Machine, fully automated line with spraying, washing, drying, greasing and filming functionalities and Automatic Laser Testing and Measuring Machine.
Changzhou Dongfang High Precision New Materials Co., Ltd was established in December, 2011, specialized in steelmaking, rolling and processing. Whereas Marazzi Srl, a world well recognized company was established in 1965, with a production history close to 50 years in elevator guide rail and accessories. Marazzi (Jiangsu) Elevator Guide Rail Co., Ltd. will be standing at the cutting edge, always innovated, leading in the forefront of the industry. We are building a world class research and development, quality manufacturing facilities, aiming to be a well-known guide rail manufacturer and service provider.

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